Executive Search

Photizo Consulting offers a discreet and aggressive approach to IT sourcing right up to the Executive level for full-time positions.

Our searches begin with a mutual agreement between us and your organization on clearly defined role responsibilities and expectations for the position being filled so we can deliver an exceptional pool of qualified and talented candidates to meet those expectations.

Personal Commitment

Our headhunters conduct all searches for which our firm is hired. Your organization benefits from our many years of local, national, and international talent search experience, direct sourcing methods, contacts in the industry, honesty and integrity. We will conduct interviews and reference checks, and provide our clients with the expert focus that their highly important search deserves.

Fresh Perspective

Our expertise is in technology; our contacts, organizations to which we belong, and our professional work experience is mostly technology related. Our knowledge of the industry ensures the best possible match between the candidate and the client’s job requirements, culture, compensation, and career opportunity overall.

Approach to the Search

We work with you to identify your organization’s uniqueness and how the role fits into your firm. Then we work with you to define a detailed job description, expectations and/or goals for the near future, a compensation target range, and a reporting structure.

Our first step is to clearly understand the role. This entails both an in-depth conversation with the hiring authority as well as an in-person meeting to get a good feel for the cultural environment.

Our second step is to identify, screen, and thoroughly interview prospective candidates. The top candidates are sent via email, which includes both a current resume and notes covering salary details and key information collected from our interviews.

Our third step is to coordinate all interviews, gather feedback from both parties, and answer any follow-up questions.

The fourth step is to negotiate the compensation package, which includes base salary, bonuses, vacation, start date and miscellaneous items. We also provide and check candidate references.

And our final step is to stay in touch with both the client and the hired candidate to ensure a smooth transition and mutual satisfaction.

Presentation of Candidates

All of candidate submittals include a current resume and a detailed dossier, which is comprised of the following information about the candidate: details of recent projects, impact the candidate has had at their firm, current salary and bonus potential, reasons for considering a new job and any relevant information that is not usually in the resume.

This information is designed to help your organization look beyond the resume and gain valuable insight into what we have learned from both phone interview and detailed in-person interview with the candidate.