Agile Planning

Agile Estimating and Planning

Have you been wondering about what Agile Estimating and Planning looks like? how it is different from traditional methods and why you would even consider using Agile estimation methods? If you’re looking for a closer look at how we estimate, what story points are, how to use velocity for planning, dealing with fixed date and fixed scope projects then this webinar is for you!

A Journey Through an Agile/Scrum Project Lifecycle
Are you new to Agile and wondering what the Agile lifecycle looks like? Maybe you’ve been doing Agile and want to learn how other real world teams have been executing the lifecycle? This webinar will walk through what problems we’re trying to solve by moving to Agile and then take you through a journey of the various activities, requirements and real world tips from the trenches of Agile teams. Read our blog on this topic!

Transforming to an Agile PMO (March 2012 version) | Click here for a version not on the PMI website
Gartner analysts have reported that 80% of all Software Development projects will be moving to Agile methods in the next few years. PMI has also recently launched its PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) SM offering as a response to the increase in Agile adoption. So what does this all mean to your PMO? Through this webinar I will provide a quick overview of Agile methods, then jump into how you can transition your PMO to support Agile Development and use some new Agile and Lean techniques for Idea Qualification, Project Initiation and Portfolio Management. Whether you are moving to Agile or not, you will definitely learn some real world tips to help you improve your current PMO activities!

Agile CycleSuccess Factors When Transforming to Agile:

Why are organizations moving towards Agile methods? How can I ensure a successful Agile adoption? What are the most common challenges and problems with adopting Agile methods? What are the key success factors when transforming to Agile methods? If any of these questions interest you then this webinar is for YOU!