Frequently Asked Questions

Why partner with Photizo?
Photizo Consulting is one of the most elite and leading companies to work for in the Chicagoland area. We partners with our clients to learn and become familiar with what they do, how, and why. From there, Photizo Consulting builds a relationship with its clients in order to better understand what our clients need. Then, once we understands what our clients’ need as far as skill sets, experience, and other specific job requirements, we submits/presents the Best-Fit consultant to our clients. Because we service various industries, we are versatile in our approach and in delivering results.

What industries does Photizo Consulting cater to?
Photizo Consulting caters to several, diverse industries; from large, fortune 50 corporations, to smaller, more local organizations. Some industries include: banking, Insurance, telecommunications, retail.

What does Photizo Consulting have to offer?
Photizo Consulting offers three core services. We offer IT Staffing & Temporary Labor Services. Our recruiting team ensures quality candidates with specific skill sets to match our clients’ corporate culture.

Next, Photizo Consulting offers Project Solutions where highly skilled consultants paired with flexible and cost effective are presented for an effective sustaining service approach for project delivery.

Finally, Photizo Consulting offers Managed Services and Outsourcing where Photizo Consulting leads the outsourcing process for successful project completion. As an additional service, we also offers our Pass-through Billing Services. This additional service allows our clients the ability to hire referred consultants under Photizo Consulting existing MSCA.

What sets Photizo Consulting apart from its competitors?
Photizo Consulting five step recruitment process sets itself apart from competitors because this process ensures the right candidate is identified for clients every time.

How does Photizo Consulting find its candidates?
We use a proven five step recruitment process so that the consultants presented/submitted to our clients are the Best-Fit consultants.

First, we extract the exact needs/requirements from our clients, for each job opportunity. Then, Photizo Consulting begin its candidate identification step, where the Recruiting Department utilizes several recruiting techniques including: active & passive recruiting strategies, our candidate database, job boards such as Career Builder and Dice, referral programs, and even social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Next, we review the identified candidates and begin the candidate qualification step where candidates are required to complete a screening process. Then, once qualified candidates are selected, we work closely with these consultants in order to prepare them for client submission and/or interviews.

Finally, once candidates are placed, in order to ensure continuous success, Photizo Consulting monitors consultant performances through weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly reviews.

Does Photizo Consulting offer background check services for its consultants?
Yes, we offer comprehensive pre-employment screening and drug testing services in order to create more safe workplaces. With the use of a third party, independent screening firm, federal and state criminal record searches are processed.

Furthermore, verifying previous employment, reference checks, and education verification are also available, upon request.

Finally, standard drug testing to comprehensive, instant/rapid results tests are available based on client policies, requirements, and requests.